Legal Support for Business Transactions

Services designed to support business transactions from simple purchase agreements to complex international Merger and Acquisition (M&As) transactions. We can only prepare the necessary documentation, or review decision making compliance to corporate governance requirements of all entities involved, and/or all the legal systems involved. In addition, we will help evaluate possible venues for dispute resolution, should one arise, and defend the contract at the venue chosen.

Negotiations’ Support

One of our attorneys could participate in your negotiations to guaranty simultaneous assessment and review of legal compliance issues (if any), back office drafting of the Letters of Intent (LOIs) or agreed upon agreement clauses for review, compliance with corporate formalities required by your company’s governing documents.

Legal Drafting

Drafting of legal documents to memorialize an already negotiated transaction or a sample agreement to be used in day-to-day business operations.

Legal Review

Review of an existing agreement or a written offer received to assure that the writing reflects what was discussed and agreed upon by the parties in negotiation, evaluating defensibility of the document in court or arbitration.

Litigation of Written Instruments

Representing parties in court or arbitration proceedings when there are issues with performance by parties as governed by an agreement or trust instrument.