Alexander Golovete is Elected Chair of Business Law Section of Contra Costa County BAR Association


Alexander  Golovets is a solo practitioner with focus on business transactions and litigation.   His MBA degree from Cal State East Bay, law degrees from civil and common law systems, and international business experience gives him unique perspective and ability to help businesses succeed.

What does the CCCBA mean to you?

“CCCBA is an invaluable resource for development of my legal career. It provides access to more experienced attorneys in, and outside of, my areas of expertise, different panels, and it is the greatest referral service.”

The Business Law Section. Business lawyers (whether outside counsel or in-house counsel) are among the most important members of a business team. They work with all key members of the enterprise to provide a wide range of strategic and legal insights to address and resolve routine as well as thorny matters facing entrepreneurs and developed business. The Business Law Section’s mission is to provide up-to-date information on issues facing business lawyers in our competitive climate, to provide continuing legal education to attorneys in California, and to provide opportunities for networking in our growing East Bay legal community.

The Business Law Section supports regular meetings with experts in the wide variety of issues facing business lawyers to support new ventures, to promote business development, and to provide a basis for corporations taking advantage of the many new initiatives for business growth and development. Because Contra Costa County is in an ideal position to be a corporate growth center in Northern California, the Business Law Section strives to bring strategic and legal expertise to you.

It presents programs to members of the bar association addressing corporate formation, corporate reporting, due diligence, public offerings, compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, protection of intangible corporate property (trade secrets, patents, copyrights and trademarks) and other issues of topical importance. It’s goal is to assist members in the development and support their practices in business and corporation law. The section also provides educational service to the general public with occasional public seminars such as the “Two Entrepreneurs Walk Into a Bar” series. The section would greatly appreciate hearing from members or potential members about specific areas that are important to them and their clients.

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