Hiring from Overseas: H1-B visa is more difficult to get and keep.

The impact of “Buy America, Hire American” on H1-B visa is that there is now increased scrutiny on review process on 85,000 applications randomly accepted for review out of over 190,000 received in first week of April every year. United State Immigration services not only review the requirements for the position candidate is being hired, but they could also review general hiring policies of the business and qualifications of other employees across the company, audit historic qualifications of the employees in this position, and/or review industry accepted requirements for this position (such as degree requirements, wages). This added scrutiny resulted in drop in approval rate from 77% in year 2016 to 59% in year 2017 for H1-B visa applications as well as increased number of on-site job inspections by DHS Fraud Detection & National Security Unit  and I-9 inspections by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.